Ensure, all your given with PO to manufacturer, Requirements, Specifications and Quality Acceptance Criteria are adhered to.
Product Inspection is conducted, benchmarking International Quality Control Standards like; AQL and ASTM – ISO.
This covers parameters like; Sizing, Thickness, Planarity, Glossiness of Tiles and we also conduct Quality Inspection as per your given Specific Instructions/Criteria, through our Expertise and Experience across all the stages.

Initial Production Inspection

  • Check Production in the beginning.
  • Identify any quality issues, soonest.
  • Save time and avoid pain later.
  • Avoid endless bargaining with supplier.
  • Take Corrective and Preventive actions,prior bulk production.

Establish quality expectations & cordial relationship with manufacturer.

During Production Inspection

  • Avoid Quality risk & Production loss.
  • Re-check on Quality of Production, halfway.
  • An Opportunity again, for improvement.
  • Avoid unpleasant findings in Pre-shipment Inspection.

Manufacturer is at Ease & Supportive, as reduces His Risks and Potential loss.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • Final Quality Check, before container stuffing.
  • Ensure remotely that your material produced, meet specifications.
  • Make balance payment, only after final QC clearance for shipment.
  • Protect your self from paying for defective products.

Manufacturer is confident of the supply, most likely, not to have any claims.

Container Loading Supervision

  • Verify Quantity & Witness Loading.
  • Verify what is loaded.
  • Make sure correct quantities are loaded.
  • Ensure, container loading was proper & safe.
  • Wait and receive, the material as you expected it to be; Right Quantities, Right Product and Undamaged.

Manufacturer awaits repeat orders and a growing business for both of you.